Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my version of that pumpkin moss wreath...

I found this original pin while browsing "everything", if you are a regular everything browser I am sure you have seen it.  I think I tracked the original version to etsy, if you know the true origin let me know!   
I decided to dust of my long forgotten craftiness and make my own.  Off to the craft store I went (without a coupon!) to get my supplies.  Overall it turned out to be an easy, satisfying project that actually looked like I thought it would.

Craft store supplies:
16-inch wreath, I went with straw because it was cheap
Spanish moss - two bags
Green pins - two 50-count packages (I used about 1 and a quarter)
Burlap (ended up ditching this)
Wood picks (ended up ditching these too) 

I picked up the mini pumpkins at the local pumpkin stand.

I unwrapped my straw wreath and then proceeded to pin down moss.  If I made another one I would either not take the plastic off (straw pieces everywhere) or I would use a foam frame.  

Keep going until you cover the entire wreath frame. When I was done I sprayed it with hair spray, the theory being that this would help hold everything together more.  I would not hold this theory up to scientific scrutiny.

I used three pumpkins, I might cut it back to two.  I first tried attaching the pumpkins using the wood picks I bought at the craft store but they were not quite long enough.  After a day of opening and shutting the front door and three pumpkins on the front porch, I replace the picks with wooden skewers we used for grilling kabobs.  

The finished project ended up looking like this -

I played around with making a burlap hanging ribbon (without a bow to be more modern looking) but I ditched it.  I liked the cleaner look without it.  

I like that I can keep the basic wreath from year to year and change out with fresh decorations.  Next year I might use gourds or white pumpkins.   

Now that I look at the photo, I need to go back and pin down some stray moss.  Overall I am super pleased with my attempt at being crafty!!

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