Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty eggs...

I re-pinned a picture of eggs cooked in bell pepper slices from Apron Strings blog because:
A. I like making breakfast on the weekends
B. We like eggs and it seems like almost everything we make has red peppers in it, win win
C. They are very pretty

I can't seem to show the picture from the pin because when I tracked down the true origins (fabfrugalfood on flickr) the image is copyrighted.  I totally respect that. It seems ironic that an untold amount of people can pin their really cool image of eggs in bell peppers and use it for "inspiration" or whatever. Any way this is what mine looked like (after the mess below)...

My husband said he felt like he was eating like the 99% because they were so fancy.

It is simple and easy to do, start with bell pepper slices and eggs

Warm your favorite flat bottom saute pan, add some oil (I used canola).  Cut pepper slices, try to do as evenly as possible so they lie flat.  Place in pan.
Add an egg to each pepper.  You will see my peppers were not cut so flat...
Opps!!  We do not like over easy (aka "dippy eggs" from where we are from) so I added a small amount of water and covered to poach the eggs.
When they were done I trimmed off the run away egg white and added some pepper.  I served them with biscuits and tea. Yum.
I think with some practice they will look better next time.

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