Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making the best of a not great situation...

I was excited for an early winter storm.  A day of staying inside watching the snow fall while enjoying a hot cup of tea.  What isn't great about that?  This:

Yesterday as we were getting to watch my niece on the local high school quiz show our Bradford pear decided it couldn't take the weight of the snow anymore. At the end of the storm it looked sad but beautiful.

Now as we wait in the long line for the tree removal guys to come we are trying to find the bright side of the situation.  Apparently our tree was doomed from the start due to poor Bradford pear branch structure.  This was apparently going to happen eventually.
We will have firewood.  Maybe not as much as we first thought, but we should get a little stack out of it.  Searching for "firewood" pins I found these cool ideas (that probably won't happen).
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All said and done this is what it probably will look like after it is seasoned and we get something to hold it in:
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