Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my tea obsession...

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is the generic "Products I Love" board.  It may sound sappy but it helps me to remind me of things that make me happy.  I have renamed most of the generic boards to suit myself, but honestly I can think of a better name for this one.  Maybe "My Little Joys"?  Meh.  I am going to be lazy and keep it.
My favorite thing right now is Harney and Sons Paris tea.  I am on my second 50 sachet bag after tearing through this tin my best friend gave me.  He wasn't crazy about it, I absolutely love it.  Every time I trek to New York I hit up their shop on Broome Street.  It is like a more feminine turn on Earl Gray.  It combines a subtle bergamot with vanilla, with a dash of half and half it is absolute heaven.

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